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Geometric Inference with Microlens Arrays

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Dr. Ian Schillebeeckx (SLU 2011, B.S.)

  • Computer Science Seminar
When Mon, Sep 19, 2016
from 03:10 PM to 04:00 PM
Where Ritter Hall 115
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Ian Schillebeeckx, who completed his B.S. with double major in Computer Science and Math at SLU in 2011, and more recently who completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Washington University, will return to campus as part of our Computer Science seminar series.

His talk will take place on Monday, September 19th at 3:10pm in Ritter Hall 115.


Geometric Inference with Microlens Arrays

We explore an alternative to traditional fiducial markers where geometric information is inferred from the observed position of 3D points seen in an image. We offer an alternative approach which enables geometric inference based on the relative orientation of markers in an image. We present markers fabricated from microlenses whose appearance changes depending on the marker's orientation relative to the camera. First, we show how to manufacture and calibrate chromo-coding lenticular arrays to create a known relationship between the observed hue and orientation of the array. Second, we use 2 small chromo-coding lenticular arrays to estimate the pose of an object. Third, we use 3 large chromo-coding lenticular arrays to calibrate a camera with a single image. Finally, we create another type of fiducial marker from lenslet arrays that encode orientation with discrete black and white appearances. Collectively, these approaches offer new opportunities for pose estimation and camera calibration that are relevant for robotics, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
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