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MS in Software Engineering

Curriculum for the M.S. program in Software Engineering

Students in Saint Louis University's master's program in software engineering gain knowledge, skills, and experience in developing high quality, large-scale software systems. They will learn to use critical design strategies to allow for continual innovation throughout their careers.


Prerequisites for Admission

For direct entry into the M.S. in Software Engineering program, a typical applicant will have a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, a major or minor in Computer Science or a closely related field, and the following minimal set of prerequisite courses:

Course SLU Equivalent
Intro. to Programming CSCI 1300
Data Structures CSCI 2100
Calculus I & II MATH 1510/1520
Discrete Mathematics MATH 1660
Students who have most, but not all, of the prerequisite courses and a strong academic background may be admitted provisionally to the program and take prerequisite courses (CSCI 5001/5002) during the first semester, possibly alongside CSCI 5050.
Applicants must provide transcripts for all previous education, GRE general test scores, a resume, professional goal statement, and three letters of recommendation.
International students must also provide a declaration of financial support packet and demonstrate English language proficiency by submitting their TOEFL or IELTS results or by completion of English Level 6 with no grades below B.  Minimum scores for direct admission are TOEFL IBT 80, or IELTS 65.
Students with the appropriate academic background but lacking sufficient English language proficiency might consider one-semester or two-semester graduate pathways administered by a SLU INTO partnership.

Financial Aid

The program offers a variety of opportunities of financial support through a combination of university-funded and research-funded Graduate Assistantships that include both tuition and a stipend, and through some full or partial tuition scholarships.  All candidates who apply to the graduate program by the stated deadline will automatically be considered for financial support in addition to admission to the program.

Degree Requirements

The Master's program in Software Engineering requires 30 credit hours of coursework structured as follows:

Hours Requirement
3 CSCI 5030: Principles of Software Development
3 CSCI 5050: Computing and Society
3 CSCI 5300: Software Engineering
9 Three additional selection from CSCI 5301 through CSCI 5399
(further software engineering courses)
9 Additional Computer Science electives at level CSCI 5090 or above
3 CSCI 5960: Capstone Project


Please see the complete listing of graduate courses for precise options in each category.


Additional notes:

  • The "Additional" computer science electives could include additional software engineering courses.
  • Students may apply at most 3 credit hours of Internship with Industry (CSCI 5910) toward the degree requirement
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