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Our department hires our own students to provide drop-in tutoring support for many of our introductory and intermediate courses. These tutors support students in all CSCI courses up through and including CSCI 2100, as well as the computational math courses MATH 1660 (Discrete Mathematics) and MATH/STAT 3850 (Foundations of Statistics with R). The tutors are also available as a resource for how to use accounts on our department's Linux computing systems.

Tutoring hours are held in the Linux Lab (Ritter Hall 117) and no appointments are necessary. The schedule changes from semester to semester and, given the range of topics and technologies supported, different tutors specialize in supporting different courses. Please see the detailed schedule below.

Fall 2018 Schedule

DayHoursTutorCourse CoverageLanguage
Monday 2:10-4:00pm Romeo CSCI 1060/1300/2100 MATLAB, Python, C++
Tuesday 1:30-3:30pm Mark CSCI 1030/1300/2100, MATH 1660/3850 Unity/Python/C++/R
Wednesday 2:15-4:15pm Lorna CSCI 1070/1080/1300 Python/HTML/CSS
Thursday 3:00-5:00pm Cuong CSCI 1060/1070/1300/2100, MATH 3850 Matlab/Python/C++/R

Fall tutoring will begin on Monday, September 17 (although there will not be tutoring on Tuesday Sept 18)

Interested in Being a Tutor?

Make sure to let the department chairperson know.  We are interested in students who did well in their introductory courses and who enjoy guiding other students on their own journey of discovery.