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The 2011 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Thomas Hull, Western New England College
Introduction to Linux systems
Dave Letscher, SLU
The 2010 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Featuring Michael Bender, Stony Brook University and Tokutek
Monstrous Moonshine
Charles Ford, SLU
Global Software
Kevin Scannell, SLU
Real Estate in Hyperbolic Space: Investment Opportunities for the New Millenium
Mel Slugbate, Slugbate and Mossbutter Real Estate Agency
Web Services: Evolving Web Applications
Andrew Hoog, Envision
The Topology of the Universe
Kevin Scannell, SLU
The Fourth Dimension
Dr. Michael Starbird, University of Texas, Austin
Pushing pawns: How to do binary arithmetic on a standard chess board
Nehemiah Dacres, SLU CS undergraduate
Retro gaming by Atari
Juan Jover, SLU CS undergraduate
Tricks for Treats: Getting the biggest pile of candy without losing friends
David Letscher, SLU
Experiences in the computer science industry
Matthew Porter, Contegix
Computational approaches to biological problems
Professor Gerardo Camilo, SLU Biology Dept.
Detection of Image Manipulation
Brandon Dybala, SLU CS undergrad
Paper folding puzzles and origami math
Bryan Clair, SLU
One Laptop Per Child and the XO laptop
Bryan Clair, SLU
Stacking blocks off the edge of a table
Bryan Clair, SLU
How does parallelism speed up computations?
Dr. Michael Goldwasser, SLU
Why you need a meteorologist to know which way the wind blows
Dr. Robert Pasken, SLU Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
The four color map problem.
Dr. Nathan McGregor, SLU
Mathematical Card Tricks.
Dr. Blake Thornton, Washington University of St. Louis
Movie Night, SLU
The Story of 1
Movie Night, SLU
Movie Night, SLU
Boeing Information Technology Business Systems Capabilities.
Mary Ann Gates, Boeing
2009 Math & Computer Science Department Award Ceremony
Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
A Most Mathematical Artist: M.C. Escher
Dr. Doris Schattschneider, Moravian College
Actuarial Careers
Lisa Chapman and Matt Sondag, Midwest Employers Casualty Company
Quantum Cryptography
Bryan Clair, SLU