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Speech recognition in the easiest possible case
Darrin Speegle, SLU
Jason Fritts
Divide & Conquer Algorithms for Network Flow Problems in Planar Graphs
Dr. Glencora Borradaile, Oregon State University
Catch Me If You Can: A Practical Framework to Evade Censorship in Information-Centric Networks
Reza Tourani, New Mexico State University
Performance of Fractal-Tree Databases
Michael Bender, Stony Brook University and Tokutek, Inc.
Computational Chinese Word Segmenting in Machine Translation
Fan Junjun, Jinan University, China.
Gene Ontology-based Similarity Measures for Gene Clustering and Knowledge Discovery
Dr. James Keller , Mizzou
A Meta-Learning Framework for Improving Segmentation Evaluation
Jason Fritts, SLU
An Online Scheduling Algorithm for Non-Preemptive, Equal-Length Jobs Using Two Identical Machines
Mark Pedigo, SLU
The Microsoft security workshop for academia
Bryan Clair, SLU
Paving the way to 5G: the role of SDN and NFV
Franco Callegati, University of Bologna
Finding Weakly Simple Polygons
Jeff Erickson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Minority Language Twitter
Teresa Lynn, ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
Deep Sequencing Analytics to Enable Precision Medicine Computational Methods, Algorithms and Tools
Dongxiao Zhu, Wayne State University
Analysis of Parallel Real-Time Tasks Under Federated Scheduling
David Ferry, SLU
Studying correlation through an algorithmic lens
Nevena Marić, UMSL
Virtualized network infrastructures and service management: from performance analysis to implementation
Chiara Contoli, University of Bologna
How to Walk Your Dog in the Mountains
Amir Nayyeri, U. of Illinois
Secure Software Development using Agile Approach: Issues and Potential Solutions
Imran Ghani, Monash University Malaysia
Geometric Inference with Microlens Arrays
Dr. Ian Schillebeeckx (SLU 2011, B.S.)
An Overview of Persistent Homotopy
Dr. David Letscher
Linear Decompositions of Long Term Time-Lapse Imagery Are Surprisingly Informative
Robert Pless, Washington University in St. Louis
Computational Techniques for the Analysis of Large Scale Biological Systems
Tae-Hyuk (Ted) Ahn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Structural Variation and Gene Fusion Discovery using Next-Generation Sequencing
Jin Zhang, Genome Institute, Washington University