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Future Edge Cloud and Edge Computing for Internet of Things Applications

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Jianli Pan, UMSL

  • Computer Science Seminar
When Mon, Mar 06, 2017
from 03:10 PM to 04:00 PM
Where Ritter Hall 115
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The Internet is evolving rapidly toward the future “Internet of Things” (IoT) which potentially will connect billions or even trillions of edge devices which could generate huge amount of data at a very high speed and some of the applications may require very low latency. The traditional cloud infrastructure will run into a series of difficulties due to centralized computation, storage, and networking in a small number of datacenters. To tackle this challenge, edge cloud and edge computing seem to be a promising possibility which provides resources closer to the resource-poor edge IoT devices and potentially can nurture a new IoT innovation ecosystem. In this talk, I will introduce and discuss the key rationale, the state-of-the-art efforts, the key enabling technologies and research topics, and typical IoT applications benefiting from edge cloud. I will also introduce our current research efforts in this regard.
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