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Computer Science at SLU

Why come to Saint Louis University to study computer science?

Our Computer Science Faculty

  • Are devoted, effective, thoughtful, innovative, award-winning teachers
  • Bring a diversity of expertise and interests including game programming, computer architecture, software engineering, algorithm design, computer graphics, language processing.
  • Pride themselves in their accessiblity to students.
  • Work hard to challenge and bring out the best in their students.

SLU’s Computer Science Classes

  • Are kept to small enrollments at all levels to allow for the best dialog between the teacher and students.
  • Are taught in computer classrooms whenever appropriate for the course.
  • Emphasize doing, as well as understanding.
  • Often involve substantial group work, since communicating about a subject helps one learn it.
  • Have interesting and fun hands-on work and projects.

Our CS Graduates

  • Include software engineers, network designers, database analysts, web developers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, vice presidents of companies.
  • Work at such places as ATT, Anheuser Busch, Boeing, Amazon, Garmin, MasterCard, Washington University, Maritz, Tripos, Amdocs, to name a few, as well as start up their own companies.
  • Are sought after for their computer science skills and knowledge as well as their well rounded education and ability in analyzing and solving problems.
  • Have been infused through their education at SLU to be lifetime learners and ethical positive contributors to sciety.
  • Often have gained a competitive edge through internships their SLU advisors pointed them to.
  • Speak highly of their education at SLU.

Our Computer Science Curriculum

  • Offers a B.A. as well as a B.S. in Computer Science, both well respected by industry.
  • The B.A. is useful for those students who want a broader understanding of computing and society, and is well suited for students who want to minor or major in an additional area such as art, theology, philosophy, foreign language.
  • The B.S. has more technical depth and is modeled after curricular requirements for ABET-CAC accreditation.
  • Is kept up to date to reflect the developments in computer science.
  • Offers a diversity of applied as well as theoretical courses.

The Greater SLU Community

  • Provides interesting opportunities for collaborative projects for CS.
  • Supports a Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and an accelerated program for computing both the Bachelors in Computer Science and the Masters in Bioinformatics within five years.
  • Additionally has an Information Technology Management program where students can take business related courses, an Electrical and Computer Engineering department where students can learn about the electronics aspects of computers, and a Health Information Management program.
  • Has extensive study abroad programs where students can take a wide diversity of classes.


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