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Employment Opportunities

There is a huge (and growing) demand for computer science graduates in the workforce.  Money Magazine’s 2010 “Best Jobs in America” lists Software Architect as #1, Database Administrator as #7 in a survey taking into account average pay, growth potential, stress levels, and job flexibility.  In fact, 26 of the top 100 jobs on that list are in IT-related fields. Furthermore, programming skills are becoming a key to success in other disciplines such as science and engineering, and can even be a  big resumé booster for students in business, social sciences, art, and many other fields. See a summary of recent SLU Computer Science students' career paths.

The primary location for finding job listings, both for full-time jobs and internships, is through SLU's office of Career services.  All current students and alumni should have access to their online Handshake system for a list of current opportunities.   Computer Science students will find many relevant opportunities by filtering for majors such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology Management, or by performing keyword searchers for familiar terms/technologies. Career Services also maintains a great summary of "What can I do with this major?"

While the Career Services website should be the primary resource for current opportunities, our Department occasionally receives announcements about job opportunities directly from companies, recruiters, startups, non-profit organizations, or other organizations within the SLU community.  Those are listed below.

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