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Lab Hours and Tutoring

Hours when Ritter Hall labs are staffed with tutors.

Fall 2017

The Linux Lab (Ritter 117) is available for student use whenever the building is open and when there is not a class being held in it. All students currently enrolled in a Computer Science course should be able to enter the building and the lab using your SLU ID card.

At certain times there will be a tutor in the lab who can provide help with using the system, or with homework in the introductory CS courses (up to and including CSCI 2100) and some of the more computational math courses. Please see the specific course coverage offered by individual tutors in the table below.


Day Hours Tutor Course Coverage Languages
Monday 3-5pm Sara CSCI 1060 MATLAB
Tuesday 4-6pm Holly CSCI 1070/1300/2100, MATH 1660/3850 Python/C++/R
Wednesday 5-7pm Meghan CSCI 1060/1070/1300/2100, MATH 3850 MATLAB/Python/C++/R
Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm Mark CSCI 1030/1070/1300/2100 Unity/Python/C++
Thursday 2-4pm Cuong CSCI 1070/1300/2100, MATH 1660 Python/C++

Note:  The fall hours will commence on September 11th, and continue through Monday December 11th.

 Linux Lab Fall 2017
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