CSCI 2400: Assembly Class 6

Data Processing

Time to put it all together! In today's class you will:

  1. Process an array of data looking for specific values
  2. Find the max of the array
  3. Find the min of the array
  4. Find the position of a special target value


  1. Login to remember you can login with:


  2. Now, download a new program for today's class:


  3. Scroll to the bottom of today's program. You will see 500 data values labeled array. Your goal is to write a program that processes this array doing three things:

    1. Find the maximum value
    2. Find the minimum value
    3. Find the position of a specific value, 615049950 (this value is stored in the variable target)

    It should then print these values at the end of the program.


  4. When you are done with all of the in-class programming assignments, email them to Include your answers to each question in your email, in a text file, or in program comments and include them with your submission. These will count for credit as your participation grade.