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I am an Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at the St. Louis University College of Arts and Sciences. I am finishing my Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis, advised by Kunal Agrawal and Chris Gill. I have a broad interest in computer systems research, but I specialize in real-time systems, parallel runtime systems, and cyber-physical systems design. I am new to SLU for the 2016-2017 academic year, and will be teaching Operating Systems and Computer Architecture for the fall semester.

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CSCI 1060-03 - Scientific Programming

CSCI 2400 - Computer Architecture

CSCI 3500 - Operating Systems

Spring 2017 Schedule

Research Interests

Real-Time Concurrency Platforms for Parallel Tasks

During the last decade, the performance increase of processor chips has come primarily from increasing numbers of cores. It is important for real-time programs to take advantage of real-time scheduling techniques that can exploit multicore and multiprocessor systems. In order to enable tasks with higher execution demands and tighter deadlines, such as those used in autonomous vehicles, video surveillance, computer vision, radar tracking and real-time hybrid testing, we must enable parallelism within tasks. I design and implement such parallel real-time concurrency platforms and mechanisms for the same.

Real-Time Hybrid Simulation (RTHS)

RTHS is a structural test and validation technique with the goal of allowing testing to be conducted at a fraction of the cost of traditional validation techniques. There has been an increased emphasis on designing modern structures to be capable of surviving in multi-threat environments, particularly since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. With an increased emphasis on testing and validation, more efficient techniques such as RTHS are more valuable than ever before. I am working on a real-time middleware platform that for the first time allows engineers to include large parallel numerical models in their RTHS experimentation.


    Refereed Journals

    • D. Ferry, A. Maghareh, G. Bunting, A. Prakash, K. Agrawal, C. Gill, C. Lu, and S. Dyke, CyberMech: A Highly Parallel Concurrency Platform for Enhancing Performance of Real-Time Hybrid Simulations, pending review

    • J. Li, Z. Luo, D. Ferry, K. Agrawal, C. Gill and C. Lu, Global EDF Scheduling for Parallel Real-Time Tasks, Real-Time Systems, Special Issue on Best Papers of ECRTS'13, 51(4): 395- 439, July 2015.

    • A. Saifullah, D. Ferry, J. Li, K. Agrawal, C. Lu and C. Gill, Parallel Real-Time Scheduling of DAGs, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(12): 3242-3252, December 2014.

    Refereed Conferences



Office: Ritter 243

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Department of Computer Science
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