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A freshman inquiry seminar. A broad survey of the computer science discipline, focusing on the computer's role in representing, storingm manipulating, organizing and communicating information. Topics include hardware, software, algorithms, operating systems, networks. Note: This class may be taken concurrently with CSCI-150. 3 credit hours. 3 lecture hours.

Class Information:

Instructor: Prof. Jason Fritts

Computer Science Illuminated (5th edition), Nell Dale and John Lewis, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., 2012.


Final grades are based on a class curve.

Late Policy: There is a 10% penalty for the first weekday late. There is a 25% penalty for up to one week late. Late assignments will not be accepted later than one week after the due date.

Note: The grading system may be adjusted as needed at the discretion of the instructor.

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Students are expected to adhere to the academic integrity and honesty policies as defined by both the University's academic integrity policy and the College of Arts & Sciences academic honesty policy.

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