Unity game engine:
Unity website
Download Unity game engine
Asset Store   (free assets available too)

Unity guides, manuals, and wiki:
Unity User Guide  
Unity Wiki

Unity programming\scripting:
Unity Scripting Tutorials (official)  
Newbie guide to Unity Javascript  

Unity assets and guides for CSCI 1030:
Unity Quick Reference guide  
SLU CS Assets for Unity 5.6   (directions for using these assets)

Audacity sound/music editor:
Audacity    (at SourceForge)
Converting AAC files to MP3 files in iTunes

Blender graphics tools:
Blender website
Download Blender
Official Blender Wiki
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro   (excellent online wiki; Units 1 and 2A especially relevant)
Blender 3D Design Course   by Neal Hersig   (Blender cheat sheet; Lessons 1-3, 5, and 12 especially relevant to this class)
Video: "UV Mapping in 3 Minutes"

More Advanced Topics on Using Blender with Unity:
Exporting from Blender to Unity   by Mat-D       (more detailed exporting)  
Tutorial on advanced texturing in Blender for Unity       (more advanced texturing)  
Autodesk FBX Converter       (for adding textures into .fbx file)