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Elementary computer programming concepts with an emphasis on problem solving and applications to scientific and engineering applications. Topics include data acquisition and analysis, simulation and scientific visualization. Credit not given for both CSCI-145 and CSCI-150. 3 credit hours.

Class Information:

Instructor: Prof. Jason Fritts

MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications (3rd edition), Amos Gilat, Wiley, 2008.
Thinking in C++ (2nd edition), Bruce Eckel, 2001.

Software:   (recommended, if you prefer a copy of Matlab for your own computer)
MATLAB (Student version)


Final grades are based on a class curve.

Late Policy: There is a 10% penalty for the first weekday late. There is a 25% penalty for up to one week late. Late assignments will not be accepted later than one week after the due date.

Note: The grading system may be adjusted as needed at the discretion of the instructor.

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Students are expected to adhere to the academic integrity and honesty policies as defined by both the University's academic integrity policy and the College of Arts & Sciences academic honesty policy.

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