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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 371

Michael Goldwasser

Fall 2005

Dept. of Math & Computer Science

Homework Assignment 05

Database Revision


Topic: Database Revision
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Due: 8:00pm, Monday 7 November 2005

Please make sure you adhere to the policies on academic integrity.

This assignment is a followup to the earlier assignment in which you developed your own database schema and implementation. Presumably, you will be working in the same group for this assignment as you did for that earlier assignment. However if there is some reason why the previous group dynamics no longer works, please speak to me as soon as possible so that we can devise a plan for this assignment.

Requirements for Revision

For this assignment, you are to take the feedback which you have received from the original work, and to perfect your design, your implementation and your demonstration of the database. Problems which were clearly addressed in the feedback to the original assignment should be remedied in your revision. Furthermore, we are asking everyone for additional work which was not in the original assignment. The precise efforts for each group will vary somewhat depending on the state of the original work, but the following are the major themes for the new assignment

Submitting your Assignment

Based on the above description, each group must submit the following documents:

Your ER diagram can be submitted as either hardcopy or electronic. All other files must be submitted electronically, through the course website.

Grading Standards

We will attempt to base our evaluation of this assignment as fairly as possible upon the work which has been done during the revision (as opposed to the quality of the original assignment).

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 371, Fall 2005
Last modified: Tuesday, 18 October 2005
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