Thank you for participating in my Science Fair Project. It has to do with linguistic relativity, specifically how well speakers of different languages can remember colors.


  1. You will be shown a color for five seconds, and then it will disappear.
  2. Next you will be asked to type in the name of the color in your native language. It's okay to use the same word for two colors if they are very similar and your language doesn't have the words to make the distinction.
  3. After this, you will see a countdown timer and you will have to wait for ten seconds.
  4. Then you will be presented with an array of many colors and will have to pick out the color that was originally shown to you. A lot of the colors are very similar and it will be very difficult to pick out the exact color, so do not panic if you do not get it exactly right.
  5. You will repeat these steps for fifteen colors. The test should take around ten minutes.
  6. Please only do the test once!
  7. You won't get any results when the test is over since I will have to do some analysis first. But send me an email at the address below if you'd like me to send you a summary when the project is over.

To start, please enter the name of your native language (in English) in the box below and press "Go!".

Maddy Scannell
maddyscannell at gmail . com

Name of your language, in English: