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We offer a variety of pathways that allow SLU undergraduate students to complete both a bachelors and masters in accelerated fashion (typically a combined five years). Such an Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (ABM) program provides a variety of advantages to students:

  • Undergraduate students may apply to join an ABM program in Spring of their traditional "Junior year". Students do not need to go through the typical graduate admissions process (because we know them so well already), and we do not require GRE scores to apply.
  • Once accepted to the ABM program, students are allowed to take some graduate work during their traditional "senior year". Furthermore, up to 15 credit hours of those graduate courses can simultaneously be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements (presuming the courses are relevant in meeting such requirements).
  • When students complete their undergraduate degree, they are reclassified as graduate student in order to complete their graduate studies. Once reclassifed to graduate status, students may be considered for graduate assistantships.

The following pathways are available:

Additional information on the procedures and forms for ABM degrees can be found under the category of "Undergraduate Student Resources" on the College's website.