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CSCI 2300
Object-Oriented Software Design

Course Description

An implementation-based study of object-oriented software development. Teams will design and create medium-scale applications. Additional focus on the design and use of large object-oriented libraries, as well as social and professional issues.


C- or better in CSCI 2100


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Spring 2022Kate Holdener and MWF 11:00am-11:50am
Fall 2021Kate Holdener and MWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2021Kate HoldenerMWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Fall 2020Kate HoldenerMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2020Kate HoldenerMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2019Kate HoldenerMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2019Kate HoldenerMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2018Kate HoldenerMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2018Jason FrittsMWF 9:00am-9:50am
Fall 2017Kevin ScannellMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2017Jason FrittsMWF 11:00am-11:50am
Fall 2016Jason FrittsMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2016Kevin ScannellMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2015Theresa JeevanjeeTR 12:45pm-2:00pm
Fall 2014Kevin ScannellMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Spring 2014Kevin ScannellMWF 1:10pm-2:00pm
Fall 2013Jason FrittsMWF 12:00pm-12:50pm
Fall 2012Jason FrittsTR 2:15pm-3:30pm
Fall 2011Michael GoldwasserTR 2:15pm-3:30pm
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Fall 2010David LetscherTR 3:45pm-5:00pm
Fall 2009Jason FrittsTR 3:45pm-5:00pm
Fall 2008Michael GoldwasserTR 2:15pm-3:30pm
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Fall 2007Kevin ScannellTR 9:30am-10:45am
Spring 2007Kevin ScannellTR 9:30am-10:45am
Spring 2006Kevin ScannellTR 12:45pm-2:00pm