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Note: Please see the Internship Protocols from the Student Resources portion of the College of Arts & Sciences' website for further information about internship courses and procedures.

CSCI 4910
Internship with Industry

Course Description

A work experience with an agency, firm, or organization that employs persons in this degree field. Learning plan and follow-up evaluation required.


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Summer 2020Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2019Michael Goldwassertba
Summer 2019Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2018Michael Goldwassertba
Summer 2018Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2017Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2016Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2015Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2014TBAtba
Summer 2014Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2013TBAtba
Summer 2013Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2012TBAtba
Summer 2012Michael Goldwassertba
Fall 2011TBAtba
Summer 2011TBAtba
Fall 2010Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2010Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2010Jason Frittstba
Fall 2010TBAtba
Summer 2010TBAtba
Fall 2009Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2009Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2009Jason Frittstba
Fall 2009TBAtba
Summer 2009TBAtba
Spring 2009Kevin ScannellMWF 8:00am-8:50am
Fall 2008Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2008Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2008Jason Frittstba
Fall 2008TBAtba
Summer 2008TBAtba
Fall 2007TBAtba
Fall 2007Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2007Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2007Jason Frittstba
Fall 2007TBAtba
Summer 2007Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2006TBAtba
Fall 2006Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2006Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2006Jason Frittstba
Fall 2006Kevin Scannelltba
Summer 2006Kim Druscheltba
Spring 2006TBAtba
Spring 2006David Letschertba
Spring 2006Kim Druscheltba
Spring 2006Kevin Scannelltba
Spring 2006Bryan Clairtba
Spring 2006Michael Goldwassertba
Spring 2006Charles Fordtba
Spring 2006Venny Valevtba
Fall 2005TBAtba
Fall 2005Kim Druscheltba
Fall 2005Jacob Sukhodolskytba
Fall 2005Venny Valevtba
Fall 2005Dennis Bouviertba
Summer 2005Kim Druscheltba