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The Computer Science minor pairs well with almost every major offered at Saint Louis University! This program allows students to build their technical skills and better appreciate and advance the ways in which computing technologies can be used to advance so many areas of society. The computer science minor can also help better position graduates for advancing their desired careers.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:
1. Analyze a computing problem and apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions,
2. Design, implement, evaluate and test a software system that meets a given set of computing requirements,
3. Apply fundamental programming techniques in the development of complete computer programs.

Degree Requirements

CSCI 10xx Introduction to Computer Science1 3
CSCI 1300 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 4
CSCI 2100 Data Structures 4
CSCI 2000+ Additional Elective 3
CSCI 2000+ Additional Elective 3
MATH 1660 Discrete Mathematics 3
Total    20

1Introductory Course: When completing a major or minor in Computer Science, the requirement designated as “CSCI 10xx” can be met using any 3‑credit course numbered from CSCI 1010 to CSCI 1090. With permission, a computing-intensive course from another discipline may be substituted. Examples of such courses include BME Computing (BME 2000), Civil Engineering Computing (CVNG 1500), and Foundations of Statistics (MATH/STAT 3850).

Continuation Standards

Students with a minor in Computer Science must maintain a 2.00 GPA in courses for the Computer Science minor.