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We are pleased to be expanding our department with the recruitment of a new tenured or tenure-track faculty member in Computer Science (starting in August 2019), with an emphasis on bioinformatics and computational biology. Since you are viewing this page, we hope you have interest in applying to join our department!  Please see the following link for the official job description and instructions to apply:

Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
(Application deadline: January 7, 2019)

The rest of this page provides some information that we expect might be of interest to potential applicants. And if you still have questions about something you can't find here, feel free to reach out to our Department Chairperson or the Search Committee Chairperson.

Academic Programs

We currently participate in delivery of the following academic programs:

B.S. in Computer Science
B.A. in Computer Science 
Undergraduate minor in Computer Science
B.S. in Data Science
(jointly with Math/Stat department)
M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Software Engineering
M.S. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
(jointly with Biology, Chemistry, Math/Stat)

You may also read about our current undergraduate and graduate courses.

Faculty Development

As a potential new faculty member, we know there are often good questions to ask about faculty development, including typical teaching loads, criteria for promotion, and other forms of faculty support.

  • Department Workload Policy
    This document outlines the range of teaching, research, and service responsibilities within the department. Deep within that document, don't miss the note about how we will typically offer an automatic one-course reduction per year for each of the first two years for a new faculty member. So we are expecting that this new facutly member will be teaching a 2-1 load for the first two years and graduating to a 2-2 load after that, presumably with lots of repeated courses to minimize prep time. We will work with the incoming faculty member to give her or him to most appropriate selection of courses.
  • Advancement through Promotion and Tenure
    Saint Louis University offers avenues for professional advancement for both tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty members. The procedures and criteria are described in the context of: The faculty manual also provide more general discussion of employment expectations, policy on leaves, and other important aspects of life as a faculty manual.
  • University Benefits
    SLU's Office of Human Resources has prepared an overview of the variety of Employer Benefits offered to faculty and staff.

Your Colleagues

In joining our department, you won't be alone! We have an excellent and collegial group of faculty to welcome you. For more details, explore the faculty profiles.

Furthermore, since computer science is an enabler for advancement in so many areas, our computer science faculty have opportunities to find collaborations within the broader University. With our involvement in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program, we interact most closely with the Departments of Biology, Mathematics & Statistics, and Chemistry, and the School of Medicine. Computer Science faculty and students also have interactions with SLU's College of Engineering, School of Business, Law School, College for Public Health and Social Justice, Center for Digital Humanities, and the many other departments found at SLU.

St. Louis Region

The Greater St. Louis Region is an excellent place to live, and our Human Resources department is excited to provide their own "Relocation Guide" with a variety of information about the area, and SLU's support for new employees.

Since they've already done that, we'll offer a more computing-focussed introduction to our city. St. Louis has an outstanding and ever-growing tech industry, as home to world headquarters for many large corporations, and home to the IT headquarters for many additional companies. Some big names in terms of CS employment in the area currently include (alphabetically): Anheuser-Busch/InBev, Boeing, Citi Cards, Enterprise, KPMG, MasterCard, Microsoft, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Riot Games, Scottrade, and World Wide Technology. Some big names in the realm of bioinformatics, bioscience and healthcare include: Bayer/Monsanto, Centene, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Express Scripts, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Pfizer, Sigma-Aldrich and SSM Health.

But it's not just the big corporations that love the city. St. Louis has a vibrant entreprenuer community including several prominent incubators such as the CORTEX Innovation Community, which is literally a few blocks from the west end of our campus, and the T-Rex Incubator, found just over 2 miles to our East, in downtown St. Louis. The BioSTL Coalition, which includes Saint Louis University among its members, focuses on bioscience industries in the region.