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Tae-Hyuk (Ted) Ahn photo
Tae-Hyuk (Ted) Ahn
Associate Professor
Ritter Hall 305
(314) 977-3633
Research interests: Bioinformatics and High-Performance Computing

Erin Wolf Chambers photo
Erin Wolf Chambers
Ritter Hall 301
(314) 977-7002
Research interests: Computational Topology and Geometry, Algorithms, CS Recruitment and Retention

Flavio Esposito photo
Flavio Esposito
Assistant Professor
McDonnell Douglas Hall 2015
(314) 977-2434
Research interests: Data Communication and Distributed Systems

David Ferry photo
David Ferry
Assistant Professor
Ritter Hall 243
(314) 977-3642
Research interests: Parallel Real-Time and Cyber-Physical Systems

Jason Fritts photo
Jason Fritts
Associate Professor
Ritter Hall 303
(314) 977-7001
Research interests: Image Segmentation, Vision and Image Processing

Michael Goldwasser photo
Michael Goldwasser
Professor and Chair
Ritter Hall 355
(314) 977-7039
Research interests: Algorithms, Computer Science Education

Kate Holdener photo
Kate Holdener
Assistant Professor
Ritter Hall 309
(314) 977-7004
Research interests: Software Engineering, Automation of Software Development Processes, Evolutionary Algorithms

Jie Hou photo
Jie Hou
Assistant Professor
Ritter Hall 217
(314) 977-6600
Research interests: Machine Learning and Data Mining Methods for Bioinformatics

David Letscher photo
David Letscher
Associate Professor
Ritter Hall 359
(314) 977-2467
Research interests: Computational Topology, 3-Manifold Algorithms

Kevin Scannell photo
Kevin Scannell
Ritter Hall 201
(314) 977-2489
Research interests: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Abby Stylianou photo
Abby Stylianou
Assistant Professor
Ritter Hall 107
(314) 977-2678
Research interests: Image Processing, Deep Learning, Citizen Science

Jacob Sukhodolsky photo
Jacob Sukhodolsky
Associate Professor
Ritter Hall 237
(314) 977-2443

Reza Tourani photo
Reza Tourani
Assistant Professor
McDonnell Douglas Hall 2010
(314) 977-7347
Research interests: Security & Privacy, Networking & Communication

Adjunct Faculty

Justin LeBlanc
Adjunct Professor

James McCollum
Adjunct Professor


Salman Parsa
Postdoctoral Researcher

Hannah Schreiber
Postdoctoral Scholar


Laura Bernett
Administrative Assistant
Ritter Hall 357
(314) 977-6667

Dennis Thomas
System Administrator
Ritter Hall 119
(314) 977-2583