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Our department operates a variety of computing systems to support both classes and student research, including activities in computer science, bioinformatics, data science, mathematics and statistics. These pages give an overview of these systems and provide a variety of user documentation. Further technical questions or request should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: We are re-deploying new computing systems in summer of 2018, and so the rest of this webpage is under development (as are the systems).

Overview of Systems

  • Classroom in Ritter 115, lab for student use in Ritter 117, card access to building and 117.
  • Remote access to server, described below
  • our home directory is consistent across machines/logins

User Accounts/Passwords

  • How to get an account
  • Passwords, initial, expiration, requirements for valid passwords, and how to reset via local machines, ssh, NX?

Appropriate Use Policy

All users of our systems are expected to adhere to both the University and Departmental policies on appropriate use. For further details see both the university policy and the departmental policy.

Remote Access

Getting Help

Our department hires experiences students to hold drop-in tutoring hours in Ritter 117, both to assist students in introductory classes and to provide students with assistance to use of their accounts and our computing systems. For further details, see the current schedule of hours.

Default Desktop

  • Guide to default desktop, application menu (commonly used: IDLE, Python, Terminal, MATLAB)

Linux Guide

Personal Webpages

Git Repositories