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In order to register for CSCI 5910:  Internship with Industry there are serveral steps that you need to follow.

  1. You must have an offer letter from the company that you want to work with.
  2. You should go to Handshake, which can be found under  Once there you need request an internship experience.
  3. Here are screenshots of the form and the information that you need to complete it.  Note that learning outcomes are marked optional, but you should fill this out.  Learning outcomes depend on your specific experience.  These should focus on the things that you hope to learn during your internship.
  4. Once the initial Handshake request is approved by the instructor, you will be able to start the learning contract.
  5. As part of the contract you need to fill out you need to include: your student information and the job responsibilities.
  6. Through DocuSign the contract needs to be signed by the student and job supervisor.
  7. t will then go to the CS Department's graduate coordinator, who is also instructor for the course.  If changes need to be made they will contact you.  Otherwise they will sign the contract.
  8. Once the contract is approved you will be signed up for CSCI 5910.  Note you may take the course multiple times, but only 3 credit hours will count towards your degree.  Typically an intership of 20 hours a week or more will be for 3 credit hours.  Shorted internships will be for less credit.
  9. Meanwhile, if you are an international student and need CPT.  You should make an appointment with International Services.