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CS 140: Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2008

Erin Chambers
Contact Info: echambe5 - at -
11 Ritter
Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3, Friday 10-11, or by appointment


Please note that any topics scheduled for future classes are tentative, and may be changed at the last minute.

Week Day Topic Reading
August 25-29 Tuesday Introduction, course administration Syllabus
Ch. 1.1
Thursday Mass of the Holy Spirit day No Class
September 1-5 Tuesday History of Computing Ch. 1.2
Thursday Binary numbers and other bases (powerpoint version) Ch. 2
September 8-12 Tuesday Representations of Data (powerpoint version) Ch. 3
Thursday Gates and Circuits (powerpoint version) Ch. 4
September 15-19 Tuesday Gates and Circuts (powerpoint version) Ch. 4
Thursday Hardware (powerpoint version) Ch. 5
September 22-25 Tuesday Machine Language (powerpoint version) Ch. 7
Thursday Review for Exam 1 Ch. 1-5
September 29 - October 3 Tuesday Exam 1
Thursday Intro to High Leven Languages (powerpoint version) Ch. 8
October 6 - 10 Tuesday Intro to Programming in C (powerpoint version) Various online references:
Overview of C
Introduction to C Programming
Thursday More Programming in C (powerpoint version)
October 13-17 Tuesday Programming in C, part 3 (powerpoint version)
Thursday Algorithms part 1 (powerpoint version) Chapter 9
October 20-24 Tuesday Fall break - no class
Thursday Algorithms part 2 (powerpoint version) Chapter 9
Extra C example
October 27-31 Tuesday Trees (powerpoint version) Chapter 9
Thursday Ethics (powerpoint version) Various sections in text
November 3-7 Tuesday Review session
Thursday Second midterm
November 10-14 Tuesday Operating Systems (powerpoint version) Chapter 10
Thursday Networds (powerpoint version) Chapter 15
November 17-21 Tuesday The Web (powerpoint version) Chapter 16
Thursday AI (powerpoint version) Chapter 13
November 24-28 Tuesday Limits of computation (powerpoint version) Chapter 17
Thursday Happy Thanksgiving! No class
December 1-5 Tuesday Computer Security Chapter 17
Thursday Review for final All topics from class