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Homework Assignment 01

Television debugging



Our goal of this homework is to review some of the syntactic issues of object-oriented programming in C++.

Topic: Television debugging
Related Reading: Transition Guide and Ch. 1 of text
Due: Friday, September 4 2009, 10:00am

Please make sure you adhere to the policies on academic integrity.

Problems to be Submitted (20 points)

For this homework, we have created an almost perfect implementation of a Television clas to model a typical television interface. However there are five unrelated syntactical problems with our source code.

Your goal is to clearly identify the location and cause of those five unrelated problems, and to explain succinctly how to remedy the problems. Please be clear in distinguishing the five problems and remedies, and identify precisely which line(s) of code would need to be modified for each (based upon the original line numbers).

Do not concern yourself with the chosen semantics for our television model. Though there may be criticisms of that model, this assignment is focussing on the syntactical problems.

To turn this assignment in, submit a hard copy of your answers, preferably typed. You are more than welcome to complete the assignment purely based upon a visual examination of the original source code, if the bugs are evident to you. But we expect that the real way to tackle this assignment will be to get a hold of the files for yourself, try to compile and debug the original code, seeing if the compiler error messages can help point you to the problems.

Files You Will Need

The original sourcecode is located on turing. You may make a copy of the entire project, placing into your own working directory, by executing the following.

cp -R /Public/goldwasser/180/homeworks/Television .

Alternatively we offer:

Extra Credit

None this time...