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Programming Assignment 4
Vector class

Due: Thursday, Oct. 27, 11:59pm

Please see the general programming webpage for details about the programming environment for this course, guidelines for programming style, and details on electronic submission of assignments.

The only file you will need for this assignment is the Vector.h file that we wrote in class.

Collaboration Policy

For this assignment, you must work alone on your assignment.

Please make sure you adhere to the policies on academic integrity in this regard.


As you may have noticed, the vector class in C++ has much less functionality than the list class in Python. In addition, we did not complete all of the vector functionality that is included in the standard template library.

In as effort to ``upgrade" the vector class we wrote, you will write the following functions described below in our Vector.h file. (Please download Vector.h from the course schedule webpage and insert your functions into this class, then submit the entire Vector.h file via email by the due date.)

Functions to code