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Note that all labs are posted on the Deter course system; you should be able to see them when you log in.
You'll follow the basic student Deter instructions each time. Here is a more general overview to Deter, for those with questions, and you may also find the Guide for using SSH with Deter handy to refer to as well.

Assignment Topic Due Solutions
Essay 1 No Tech Hacking Tuesday, August 30 Due in class
Homework 2 Assymetric cryptography Tuesday, September 6 Due by the start of class
Lab 1: Intro to DeterLab (posted on Deter) Unix tools Tuesday, September 13 Due by 11:59pm
Lab 2: Firewalls IP tables and basic network utilities Tuesday, September 20 Due by 11:59pm
Lab 3: Main in the middle Some basic network attacks Tuesday, October 4 Due by 11:59pm
Essay 2 Securing the internet
(See announcement on main course page for links)
Thursday, Oct. 20 Due in class
Lab 4: Software exploits Overflows and injections Tuesday, November 1 Due by 11:59pm