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CS 150: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Spring 2012

Erin Chambers
Contact Info: echambe5 - at -
Office: 011 Ritter Hall
Office Hours: Monday 10-11am, Tuesday 10-11, and Wednesday 2-3

Here is this semester's tentative schedule; we will update it as the semester progresses.

Please note that lecture notes are provided as a supplement, and are NOT a substitute for attending lecture. In particular, these are not guaranteed, so expect technical difficulties to prevent them from being posted at least a few times in the semester, and plan accordingly to either take notes or get them from a friend if necessary.

Date Topic Reading Lecture Notes Code or Lab assignment
Tuesday, Jan. 17 Syllabus, intro to programming Chapter 1 of textbook Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Jan. 18 Objects Chapter 1 of textbook Lecture Notes
Friday, Jan. 20 CS1Graphics package Chapter 3 of textbook Lecture Notes cs1graphics page
Monday, Jan. 23 More CS1graphics Chapter 3 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Jan. 24 Finish cs1graphics Chapter 3 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Jan. 25 Numbers and lists Chapter 2 Lecture Notes
Friday, Jan. 27 Strings and tuples Chapter 2 Lecture Notes
Monday, Jan. 30 Intput and Output Chapter 2 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Jan. 31 Chapter 2 recap and practice Chapter 2 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Feb. 1 For loops Chapter 4.1 Lecture Notes
Friday, Feb. 3 For loops
If statements
Chapter 4.2,4.4 Lecture Notes
Monday, Feb. 6 If statements Chapter 4.4 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Feb. 7 While loops Chapter 5.1 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Feb. 8 While loops
Continue and break
Chapter 5.1 Lecture Notes
Friday, Feb. 10 Functions Chapter 5.2 Lecture Notes
Monday, Feb. 13 More on functions Chapter 5.2 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Feb. 14 Type Checking Chapter 5.5 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Feb. 15 Exceptions Chapter 5.5 Lecture Notes
Friday, Feb. 17 Classes: a first example Chapter 6.1 Lecture Notes
Monday, Feb. 20 More classes Chapter 6.1-6.2 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Feb. 21 Classes Chapter 6.2 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Feb. 22 Fraction class Chapter 6.4 Lecture Notes
Friday, Feb. 24 In class review Chapters 1-5
Monday, Feb. 27 Midterm 1
Tuesday, Feb. 28 Docstrings Chapter 7.5 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, Feb. 29 Unit testing Chapter 7.7 Lecture Notes
Friday, March 2 Review of midterm
Unit testing
Chapter 7.7
Monday, March 5 String formatting Chapter 8.1-8.2 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, March 6 Reading from a file Chapter 8.3 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, March 7 Writing to a file Chapter 8.3-8.4 Lecture Notes
Friday, March 9 Modules
Friday, March 9 Lecture Notes
Monday, March 19 Inheritance Chapter 9 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, March 20 Inheritance Chapter 9 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, March 21 When NOT to use inheritance Chapter 9.3 Lecture Notes
Friday, March 23 Inheritance in cs1graphics Chapter 9.4-9.5 Lecture Notes
Monday, March 26 Memory management and objects Chapter 10 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, March 27 Deep and shallow copies Chapter 10 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, March 28 Objects and functions
Chapter 10.3, 11 On the board - no notes
Friday, March 30 Recursion: Bullseye class Chapter 11.1 Lecture Notes
Monday, April 2 Recursion Chapter 11 Lecture Notes
Tuesday, April 3 More recursion Chapter 11 See
Wednesday, April 4 Recursion: Sorting Chapter 11 On board
Tuesday, April 10 Review for midterm 2
Wednesday, April 11 Midterm 2
Friday, April 13 Dictionaries Chapter 12 Lecture Notes
Monday, April 16 GUIs
Online referece Lecture Notes
Tuesday, April 17 Review of midterm 2
Wednesday, April 18 Tkinter Examples in text format Lecture Notes
Friday, April 20 Tkinter Examples in text format Lecture Notes
Monday, April 23 Tkinter Lecture Notes
Tuesday, April 24 Networking - using sockets Chapter 16 Lecture Notes
Wednesday, April 25 Work day
Friday, April 27 Networking Chapter 16 Lecture Notes Math Server Example