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CS 443: Computer Security
Schedule and Lecture Notes

Here is this semester's tentative schedule; we will update it as the semester progresses.

Please note that lecture notes are provided as a supplement, and are NOT a substitute for attending lecture. In particular, these are not guaranteed, so expect technical difficulties to prevent them from being posted at least a few times in the semester, and plan accordingly to either take notes or get them from a friend if necessary.

Date Topic Reading Lecture Notes Code or Lab assignment
Tuesday, Jan. 15 Syllabus
Intro to Security
Lecture Notes
Thursday, Jan. 17 Cryptography: DES and AES Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Jan. 22 Assymmetric Cryptographs Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Jan. 29 Access Control and Authentication Lecture Notes
Thursday, Jan. 31 Networking Lecture Notes
Tuesday, Feb. 5 Network security Lecture Notes
Thursday, Feb. 7 Network security Slides
Tuesday, Feb. 12 Trusted computing Slides
Thursday, Feb. 14 Malware
The Morris Worm
Tuesday, Feb. 19 Software security Slides
Thursday, Feb. 21 No class (snow)
Tuesday, Feb. 26 Review for midterm
Thursday, Feb. 28 Midterm exam
Tuesday, March 5 Auditing Slides
Thursday, March 7 Guest lecture: password cracking
Tuesday, March 19 Linux security Slides
Thursday, March 21 Denial of Service Slides
Tuesday, March 26 Intrustion Detection Slides
Thursday, March 28 Holy Thursday - no class
Tuesday, April 2 Windows security Slides
Thursday, April 4 Ethics and law Slides
Tuesday, April 9 Wireless security Slides
Thursday, April 11 History of hacking Slides Wargames trailer
Sneakers trailer
Hackers trailer
Superbowl commercial
Apple commercial
Tuesday, April 16 More on security and the internet:
Onion routing
Thursday, April 18 Trusted computing Slides
Tuesday, April 23 More on buffer overflows Slides More examples
Thursday, April 25 Guest speaker:
The Host identity protocol
Tuesday, April 30 Transport Layer Security Slides
Thursday, May 2 In class review:
Security Jepordy!