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CS 2100: Data Structures
Spring 2018


We expect to have about 10-12 assignments during this course. Your lowest score will be dropped at the end of the course and your remaining scores will be averaged.

Please make sure you understand the policy towards Academic Integrity.

Homework assignments are due via email to the instructor by 11:59pm on the date specified. Late assignments will be penalized in accordance with our Late Policy.

The table below gives the assignments, and associated dates. All future dates/topics are tentative until such assignments are made available.

Assignment Topic Due Submission
Homework 1 Intro to C++ Tuesday, Jan. 23 Via git
Homework 2 Classes and variable types Thursday, Feb. 1 Via git
Homework 3 Singly linked lists Friday, Feb. 9 Via git
Homework 4 Smart Stacks Friday, Feb. 16 Via git
Homework 5 Vectors Friday, March 2 Via git
Homework 6 Lists Sunday, March 18 Via git
Homework 7 Heaps and BSTs Tuesday, March 27 on paper
Homework 8 Remove in BSTs Tuesday, April 3 via git
Homework 9 Remove in AVL trees Thursday, April 12 via git

Erin Chambers
CS 2100, Spring 2018