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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 1020
Introduction to Computer Science: Bioinformatics

Michael Goldwasser

Spring 2018

Computer Science Department

Data Sets

As part of the original course questionnaire, we asked students to select a handful of mitochondrial DNA choices from NCBI's organelles database. The following are the choices that were included.

accession#bpcommon namedownload
NC_000884.116801 guinea pigfasta
NC_000891.117019 platypusfasta
NC_000894.120992 leishmaniafasta
NC_001499.15894 abelson (virus)fasta
NC_001601.116402 blue whalefasta
NC_001722.110359 hiv-2 (virus)fasta
NC_001788.116670 wild_assfasta
NC_002083.116499 orangutanfasta
NC_002783.216749 rheafasta
NC_003190.116715 john doryfasta
NC_005212.117047 cheetahfasta
NC_005797.116369 axolotlfasta
NC_005958.116016 alligator lizardfasta
NC_006887.116375 tiger salamanderfasta
NC_006928.116408 brydes whalefasta
NC_008092.116729 gray wolf 1fasta
NC_008161.114853 stony coralfasta
NC_008410.117277 asiatic toadfasta
NC_009064.116703 indo-pacific sergeantfasta
NC_009686.116757 gray wolf 2fasta
NC_009830.116434 powderblue surgeonfishfasta
NC_010570.116433 pirarucufasta
NC_011180.116825 flat needlefishfasta
NC_011196.116738 greylag goosefasta
NC_011943.116502 starry triggerfishfasta
NC_011947.116441 spiny tailed leatherjacketfasta
NC_012920.116569 humanfasta
NC_014887.115599 chinese grasshopperfasta
NC_015119.116803 snow scorpionflyfasta
NC_016197.113724 filarial nematodefasta
NC_016198.114281 giant roundwormfasta
NC_016428.116263 striped field mousefasta
NC_016577.12633 AbMV (virus)fasta
NC_018801.116775 red-winged blackbirdfasta
NC_018804.116773 saffron-cowled blackbirdfasta
NC_019571.113913 cat lungwormfasta
NC_020099.11670 copepodfasta
NC_020346.117098 greenspot gobyfasta
NC_020368.158656 chanterellefasta
NC_020591.116673 hazel grousefasta
NC_020648.116538 striped skunkfasta
NC_021436.1235849 R solani (fungus)fasta
NC_021933.115282 millipedefasta
NC_022415.116744 white sharkfasta
NC_022827.118479 staghorn coralfasta
NC_023248.129999 anamorphic fungusfasta
NC_023889.116386 killer whalefasta
NC_023955.115782 freshwater pearl musselfasta
NC_024052.116965 diana tarsierfasta
NC_024268.117937 silver-throated bushtitfasta
NC_024626.152528 freshwater green algafasta
NC_025222.116560 tonkean macaquefasta
NC_026082.117952 besrafasta
NC_026104.115804 stoneflyfasta
NC_026914.114948 water fleafasta
NC_027188.1119803 artists conk mushroomfasta
NC_027241.116893 goulds sunbirdfasta
NC_027847.117962 grey parrotfasta
NC_027857.116551 bandit angelfishfasta
NC_027956.116721 african golden wolffasta
NC_028290.116565 atlantic sturgeonfasta
NC_028510.117271 austrolebiasfasta
NC_029146.117821 silvereyefasta
NC_029168.115326 acasta sulcatafasta
NC_029510.115258 dancing acraeafasta
NC_029846.117370 lesser kestrelfasta
NC_030247.116603 labeoninfasta
NC_031696.1678653 coconutfasta
NC_031807.116581 common carpfasta
NC_031858.116310 pacific star shellfasta
NC_032058.117827 abyssinian white-eyefasta
NC_032084.117165 grey burrowing snakefasta
NC_033906.115872 Sinopodisma wulingshanensisfasta
NC_033973.116817 terek sandpiperfasta
NC_034122.114913 congo termitefasta
NC_034349.163479 F paulustrisfasta
NC_034985.1174217 silver wattlefasta
NC_035130.16363 australian mosquitofasta
NC_035150.118974 cat geckofasta
NC_035677.116130 bean weevilfasta
NC_035817.116490 finlaysons squirrelfasta
NC_036493.117325 Santa Barbara tree frogfasta

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 1020, Spring 2018
Last modified: Tuesday, 27 February 2018
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