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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 314

Michael Goldwasser

Spring 2006

Dept. of Math & Computer Science


Please note that the schedule for future classes is tentative.

Also note: For each lecture, we denote both a topic as well as the associated reading in the textbook. The live link on the 'topic' leads to a page of my personal notes for that lecture. Those personal notes are not nearly as complete or polished as the associated readings from the text. In truth, they exist mostly to provide a brief outline of the day's lecture. Students are expected to read the associated sections of the text. In cases where my notes include material which is not explicitly in the text, I will add the word "notes" to the explicit reading list.

Week Day Topic Reading
Jan 17-Jan 20 Wed Stable Marriage Problem Ch. 1; pp.1-5
Fri Gale-Shapley Algorithm for Stable Marriage Ch. 1; pp.5-12
Jan 23-Jan 27 Mon Further properties of stable marriages Ch. 1; pp. 9-12, 19-22
Wed Five Representative Problems Ch. 1; pp. 12-18
Fri Basics of Algorithm Analysis Ch. 2
Jan 30-Feb 3 Mon More Algorithm Analysis
Wed Analysis of Stable Marriage Algorithms
Fri Introduction to Graphs Ch. 3
Feb 6-Feb 10 Mon More Graphs Ch. 3
Wed Topological Ordering Ch. 3.6
Fri Interval Scheduling Ch. 4.1
Feb 13-Feb 17 Mon Scheduling to Minimize Lateness Ch. 4.2
Wed Shortest Paths Ch. 4.4
Fri Shortest Paths Ch. 4.4
Feb 20-Feb 24 Mon Minimum Spanning Tree Ch. 4.5,4.6
Wed Minimum Spanning Tree Ch. 4.5,4.6
Fri First Exam (includes material through Feb 17 )
Feb 27-Mar 3 Mon Implementing Minimum Spanning Trees
Wed Union-Find structure
Fri Huffman Encoding Ch. 4.8
Mar 6-Mar 10 Mon Divide and Conquer
Ch. 5.1
Wed Recurrence Relations Ch. 5.2
Fri Closest Pair Ch. 5.4
Mar 13-Mar 17 Mon No Class: Spring Break
Mar 20-Mar 24 Mon Integer Multiplication Ch. 5.5
Wed Dynamic Programming
Weighted Interval Scheduling
Ch. 6.1
Fri Bottom-Up Dynamic Programming
General Framework
Ch. 6.2
Mar 27-Mar 31 Mon Subset Sums Ch. 6.4
Wed Subset Sums and Knapsack Problem Ch. 6.4
Fri RNA Secondary Structure Ch. 6.5
Apr 3-Apr 7 Mon RNA Secondary Structure
Wed Review
Fri Second Exam (includes material through Mar 31 )
Apr 10-Apr 14 Mon Sequence Alignment Ch. 6.6
Wed Sequence Alignment with Linear Space Ch. 6.7
Fri No Class: Good Friday
Apr 17-Apr 21 Mon Dynamic Programming Review Ch. 6, Solved Exercise 1
Wed Introduction to Network Flows Ch. 7.1
Fri Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm
Ch. 7.2
Apr 24-Apr 28 Mon Improving upon Ford-Fulkerson Ch 7.3
May 1-May 5 Mon

10 May 2006, Wednesday Final Exam (12:00-1:50)

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 314, Spring 2006
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