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Mid-Central Regional site

Please see the main website for our Mid-Central Region for rules of the contest and other valuable information. The "Acrhives" link on this page contains many years worth of past problems, including access to the input and output used by the judges that year, and even sample solutions written by the judges.

Onlien Practice Systems

There are a seemingly endless supply of past programming contest challenges on which to practice. In this section, we highlight some of those resources.


The standard libraries for algorithms and data structures are great assets for these contests, as many commonly needed concepts are already coded and ready for you to use. Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with them. Most notably:


Since we are allowed to bring books into the contest, its good to consider what to bring. Here are some top choices of mine:

Our Notes

In addition to books, we can bring in paper copies of any other information that we wish to prepare, including complete source code for many common tasks. In the long run, I envision a comprehensive document covering everything you'd ever want to know during a programming contest, with a thorough table of contents for using this document. But for now, we'll have to start writing some materials as we prepare. I'll manage keeping all of this in a single document for the contest, but I ask you to think about what sort of code you may have written for one problem that seems reusable for other related problems.

Please see our current draft of such a sheet (password required).

Our Practices

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