Flavio Esposito, Ph.D.

Teaching @ Saint Louis University

CSCS-4650 Computer Security

The course is a fundamental introduction to the broad area of computer security. Topics will include cryptography, access control, security policy design, network security, securing systems, and common vulnerabilities in computer systems. Students will combine theoretical and algorithmic aspects of security with hands-on practical assignments.

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CSCS-3650 Network Programming I / ECE-4245 Computer Network Design

The course introduces the underlying concepts and principles of computer networks. It presents the building blocks of a network and how these blocks fit together. The course emphasizes the design and implementation of network software that transforms raw hardware into a richly functional communication system. Real networks (such as the Internet, Ethernet, Wi-Fi) will be used as examples to reinforce the concepts and demonstrate various protocols and architectures. The course also covers notions of network management and modern networking, such as Software-Defined Networks and Data Center networking.

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CSCI-1080 Intro To CS: Web Development

This course covers introductory notions behind the technology of the web, from the structure of the Internet (web science) to the design of web pages (web development). Students will learn principles of the web as a network, and practical basics for web builders. The web science component of the class introduces notions of the web as an example of a network and use the Math CS tools of graph theory to better understand the web.

The web building component instead introduces some of the fundamental languages of (dynamic) web programming as well as other popular building tools, leading to each student creating his/her own web site over the term.

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