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CS 145: Scientific Programming
Fall 2009

Erin Chambers
Contact Info: echambe5 - at -
Office: 011 Ritter Hall
Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2pm, Thursday 9-10am, or by appointment


Please note that any topics scheduled for future classes are tentative, and may be changed at the last minute.

In class exercises In class exercises
Week Day Topic Reading
August 24-28 Mon Introduction, course administration
Intro to Matlab
Ch 1.1-1.5 in text
Wed Problem solving with variables
Introduction to arrays
Chapter 1.6-1.7, 2.1
Fri Vectors and Matrices
Chapter 2
Linsolve handout
August 31 - September 4 Mon Vectors and Matrices
Selected Examples
Ch 3 in text
Wed Kirchoff's Law
Programming assignments
Chapter 3
Fri The end of the world?
Plotting and importing data
Chapter 4
Apophis every day Earth every day Moon every day
Apophis every hour Earth every hour Moon every hour
Apophis every minute Earth every minute Moon every minute
September 7-11 Mon Apophis
for loops
writeup for apophis
Wed More for loops Ch. 7.4 of text
Fri Computing function values given the derivative Handout
September 14-18 Mon Fist order differential equations Handout
Wed Systems of differential equations Handout
Fri Second order differential equations
September 28-October 2 Mon Estimating Derivatives
Project 2 help
Wed Project 2 help Handout
Fri Midterm review
October 5-9 Mon Midterm 1
Wed While loops Ch. 7.4.2
Fri If statements Ch. 7.2
October 12-16 Mon More on booleans and vectors Ch. 7.1
Fri Functions Ch. 6.1-6.6
October 19-23 Mon Functions
Fri Polynomials Ch. 8.1
October 26-30 Mon Wave equation simulation Code for second derivative
Wave equation simulation
Fri Functions Ch. 6.1-6.6
November 2-6 Mon Wave equations Handout
Wed More wave equations Handout
Fri Setting up 2-d wave equations trampoline.m
November 9-13 Mon 2-d wave equations Pool and L-shaped trampoline
Wed Review session
Fri Second midterm
November 16-20 Mon Intro to C++ helloworld.cpp
Wed Hand back midterms
Arrays in C++
Fri If statements
For loops
November 23-27 Mon While loops
File I/O
C++ handout programs
Wed No class
Fri No class