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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 146
Object-Oriented Practicum

Michael Goldwasser

Spring 2011

Dept. of Math & Computer Science

If you wish, you may download a printable version of the original syllabus. However, all of that information is also on this web page and the web page will be updated as the course proceeds, whereas the printed syllabus will not.


This is a one-hour course intended for students who have taken CSCI 145 Scientific Programming but who wish to continue on and take further courses in Computer Science, usually with the aim of pursuing a CS major or minor.

Students might begin the computer programming sequence at SLU in one of two ways. The typical path for those who know they will be taking further computer science courses is CSCI 150 (Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming). That is a four-hour course covering the fundamentals of the object-oriented philosophy and practice, with a goal of developing a programming style that is consistent with that use by industry for large-scale software development. Key issues in that course are high-level design and decomposition, documentation, and testing. Good techniques allow for the development of software that is more robust, maintainable, and reusable.

In contrast, the focus of CSCI 145 (Scientific Programming) is the design and implementation of programs for scientific computations, typically based on simulating underlying mathematical models. For many engineering and science majors, that is the only computer science course taken, and so our primary goal is to use the semester to maximizing proficiency in completing such projects. However, less time is spent on developing the long-term software practices introduced in CSCI 150 and no introduction is given to object-oriented programming. With that in mind, the purpose of CSCI 146 (Object-Oriented Practicum) is to teach the important object-oriented concepts that were not included in Scientific Programming. Students completing the 145/146 sequence will rejoin those from the 150 track for the next software development course CSCI 180 (Data Structures).

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Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 146, Spring 2011
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