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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 150
Introduction to Computer Science

Michael Goldwasser

Fall 2005

Dept. of Math & Computer Science

  • List of Programming Assignments
  • General Information about Programming


    The table below gives the assignments, and associated dates. All future dates are tentative until such assignments are made available.

    Program Topic Date Collaboration Policy
    prog01 Artist 8:00pm, Wednesday 14 September 2005 individual
    prog02 DNA Reversal 8:00pm, Wednesday 21 September 2005 pair
    prog03 Ball Simulation 8:00pm, Friday 30 September 2005 individual
    prog04 TV Favorites 8:00pm, Monday 17 October 2005 individual
    prog05 Spellcheck 8:00pm, Tuesday 1 November 2005 pair
    prog06 Animal 8:00pm, Tuesday 8 November 2005 individual
    prog07 Histogram 8:00pm, Tuesday 22 November 2005
    8:00pm, Monday 28 November 2005
    prog08 Boggle 8:00pm, Monday 12 December 2005 pair


    Programming Assignments

    What to submit

    Electronic Submission Procedure

    All programming assignments must be submitted electronically. For each assignment, there will be an aptly named folder in your online submit directory.

    Receiving Grade Reports

    Grade reports for each program, as well as an overview of all grades received in the course will be kept for each student in a special directory named 'grades' within the online submit directory.

    Computing Resources at SLU

    An account for each student has been created on,, our department computing cluster. The cluster runs the Linux operating system. It is accessible from both on and off campus by one of the following two ways:

    For more detailed information on access to the cluster, visit, and the link to "Accessing Turing".

    Please note: you are not explicitly required to use turing as your computing platform, it is simply the only platform what we will officially support. If you wish to use another platform that offers you sufficient support for completing your assignments, please feel free to do so. However the slugraphics module is something we have installed on turing, which is not part of the standard Python distribution. You will need to ask for a copy of that code, if you wish to use it on another machine.

    Michael Goldwasser
    CSCI 150, Fall 2005
    Last modified: Tuesday, 06 December 2005
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