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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 150
Introduction to Computer Science

Michael Goldwasser

Fall 2005

Dept. of Math & Computer Science


Please note that the schedule for future classes is tentative.

Also note: For each lecture, we denote both a topic as well as the associated reading in the textbook. The live link on the 'topic' leads to a page of my personal notes for that lecture. Those personal notes are not nearly as complete or polished as the associated readings from the text. In truth, they exist mostly to provide a brief outline of the day's lecture. Students are expected to read the associated sections of the text. In cases where my notes include material which is not explicitly in the text, I will add the word "notes" to the explicit reading list.

Week Day Topic Reading
Aug 29-Sep 2 Mon Introduction, Course Administration syllabus
Tue No Class: Welcome Home
Wed Object-Oriented Paradigm
Fri Class Hierarchies and Inheritance
Sep 5-Sep 9 Mon No Class: Labor Day
Tue Using list objects skim pp.343-344
Wed Using slugraphics package slucgraphics documentation
Fri More with slugraphics
(running Python with source code from a file)
Sep 12-Sep 16 Mon More with slugraphics
(Group class)
Tue More with slugraphics
(Point class; use of non-default constructors)
Wed "private" methods and built-in operators, functions notes, Zelle 4
Fri The assignment operator (=)
classes int, float and bool
Zelle 2.5 (and skim 3)
Sep 5-Sep 19-23 Mon for loop on a list Zelle 2.6
Tue Review of hw03 and prog02
Wed Defining a class Television example
Fri Conditional Statements
revisiting the Television design
Sep 26-Sep 30 Mon Numeric Expressions
Boolean Expressions
Zelle 2.3.2,3.1-3.3, 3.6
Zelle 7.1-7.3,7.5
Tue Television, Version 1.1
Wed Defining a Rational class
Fri Reducing a fraction
while loops
Zelle 8
Oct 3-Oct 7 Mon Lab: Stopwatch class
Tue Solution: Stopwatch class
Wed Review of HW
Fri First Exam (includes material through Sep 30 - info )
Oct 10-Oct 14 Mon Lab: Implementing a Canvas ourselves
(Painter's algorithm and sorting)
Oct 17-Oct 21 Mon Working with files handout
Oct 24-Oct 28 Mon No Class: Fall Break
Tue Inheritance
(Television With Favorites Example)
Wed Inheritance
(Television With Favorites Example)
Fri Inheritance
(Graphics Examples: Square, Star)
Oct 31-Nov 4 Mon Star Implementation
Tue Star Implementation
Wed Television With SortedSet
Nov 7-Nov 11 Mon
Fri Second Exam (includes material through Nov 4 )
Nov 14-Nov 18 Mon Dictionaries
Nov 21-Nov 25 Mon Recursion
(bullseye example)
Tue Recursion
(pyramid example)
Wed No Class: Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28-Dec 2 Mon Recursion
(list implementation)
Dec 5-Dec 9 Mon
Dec 12 Mon

16 Dec 2005, Friday Final Exam (12:00-1:50)

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 150, Fall 2005
Last modified: Monday, 28 November 2005
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