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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 371

Michael Goldwasser

Fall 2005

Dept. of Math & Computer Science


We expect to have 6-8 homework assignments during this course. Unless otherwise specified, all assignments will be equally weighted.

Please make sure you understand the policy towards Academic Integrity.

Late assignments will be penalized in accordance with our Late Policy.

The table below gives the assignments, and associated dates. All future dates/topics are tentative until such assignments are made available.

Assignment Topic Due in Class Solutions
hw01 Relations 3:10pm, Wednesday 14 September 2005
3:10pm, Friday 16 September 2005
hw02 Entity-Relationship Model 3:10pm, Monday 26 September 2005
hw03 SQL Queries 8:00pm, Monday 3 October 2005 soln
hw04 Normalization 3:10pm, Wednesday 19 October 2005 soln
hw05 Database Revision 8:00pm, Monday 7 November 2005
hw06 TIGER 8:00pm, Tuesday 22 November 2005
8:00pm, Monday 28 November 2005
hw07 Query Evaluation 3:10pm, Friday 9 December 2005 soln

Electronic Submission Procedure

All assignments must be submitted electronically unless otherwise specified. For each assignment, there will be an aptly named folder in your online submit directory.

Receiving Grade Reports

Grade reports for each program, as well as an overview of all grades received in the course will be kept for each student in a special directory named 'grades' within the online submit directory.

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 371, Fall 2005
Last modified: Friday, 02 December 2005
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