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Saint Louis University

Computer Science 1050
Introduction to Computer Science: Multimedia

Michael Goldwasser

Spring 2016

Dept. of Math & Computer Science


Please note that the schedule for future classes is tentative.

Also note: For each lecture, we denote both a topic as well as the associated reading in the textbook. The live link on the 'topic' leads to a page of my personal notes for that lecture. Those personal notes are not nearly as complete or polished as the associated readings from the text. In truth, they exist mostly to provide a brief outline of the day's lecture. Students are expected to read the associated sections of the text. In cases where my notes include material which is not explicitly in the text, I will add the word "notes" to the explicit reading list.

Day Topic Materials
Tues, Jan 12 Introduction, Course Overview
Using Processing3
Module 00
Thur, Jan 14 Drawing Basic Shapes: line, rect, ellipse
Coordinate System
Module 01
Tues, Jan 19 Colors (stroke, fill)
Pen attributes (strokeWeight, joinStyle)
More shapes: arc, ...
Module 02
Thur, Jan 21 Variables Module 03
Tues, Jan 26 Repetition with Loops Module 04
Thur, Jan 28 More with loops.
Nested Loops, Random
Module 05
Tues, Feb 2 Interactive Sketches Module 06
Thur, Feb 4 Mouse and Keyboard Events Module 07
Tues, Feb 9 Conditional Statements Module 08
Thur, Feb 11 User-defined Functions Module 09
Tues, Feb 16 2D Transformations Module 10
Thur, Feb 18 Arrays Module 11
Tues, Feb 23 Arrays (continued) Module 11
Thur, Feb 25 Math Day!
(map function, basic trigonometry, splines)
Module 12
Tues, Mar 1 Exam Review
impromptu discussion of a Breakout game
Thur, Mar 3 Midterm Exam -- info sheet
Tues, Mar 8 No Class: Spring Break
Thur, Mar 10
Tues, Mar 15 Object-Oriented Programming
Introduction to Project 3
Module 13
Project 3
Thur, Mar 17 Software Development Strategies and Debugging
(conntinued work on Project 3)
Module 14
Tues, Mar 22 Strings, Text, Fonts Module 15
Thur, Mar 24 No Class: Easter Break
Tues, Mar 29 Working with Files, Parsing Strings
Case Study: Speed Reading
Module 16
Thur, Mar 31 Data Visualization
Case Study: Pie Charts
Tues, Apr 5 Data Visualization
Case Study: Graphing stock prices
Gathering data from Yahoo
Thur, Apr 7 Pixel-level image manipulation Module 17
Tues, Apr 12 Pixel-level image manipulation (part 2) Module 18
Thur, Apr 14 Lecture: Chroma keying
Tues, Apr 19 Masking Module 19
Thur, Apr 21 Lecture and hands-on activity: Steganography
Tues, Apr 26 Sound Processing my notes
my basic player
Thur, Apr 28 3D Graphics in Processing my notes

TBD Final Project Showcase

Michael Goldwasser
CSCI 1050, Spring 2016
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